How to Get Your Writing Read Online

For a modern writer, the internet can be both their best friend and worst enemy.  You have a potential audience of millions, but also a staggering amount of competition for the same readership.  How do you make sure that your writing stands out?  Here are a few simple tricks to make sure your readers make it to the bottom of the page.

Keep focused. Because of the huge variety of written content online, you really need a focused topic to capture your readers. Instead of writing about fashion, why not think about reviewing local retailers in your area, or focus on ethically sourced active-wear? If someone searches for “fashion”, your writing is unlikely to be at the top of the results.  Having a specific focus will help your audience find you.

Chop everything. Do you tend to write long sentences?  Most sentences with more than one comma can be chopped in half.  Another way to keep your writing snappy is to focus on one main point per paragraph.  Try writing in shorter paragraphs, and consider breaking them up with images and lists that support the main point of the paragraph.

Any interaction is good interaction. When writing for the internet, a thick skin is a considerable asset.  Whether people respond positively, negatively, or completely off topic – a response means that people are reading your work!  While it’s a great idea to use criticism to improve, you don’t need to defend yourself or your writing.  You can’t please everyone – write things that make you happy, and then you’ll know you have at least one fan!

Write with passion. If you stick to topics that you are passionate about and if you have a clear focus for what you want to say, it will be evident in your writing.  Writing with enthusiasm will help encourage interaction with your readers.  You might be able to keep a blog going on a subject that doesn’t interest you - but it’s harder to maintain, and it is unlikely to be your best work.  If you want to read about a topic, there are definitely others who will be interested as well.

Consistency is key. Readers lose interest in writing that isn’t updated regularly.  On the other hand, daily updates are also not usually ideal as they can overload your audience.  A few updates a week is normally the most effective strategy for engaging readers.  Regularly scheduled posts also help you stay on target. If you are feeling inspired with lots of ideas, why not pre-write your posts to have them on hand for when your motivation is running low?

If you’re going to put your time and energy into writing, you should do everything possible to make sure that it gets read.  Adapting your writing to an online audience takes little extra effort and can have huge rewards.  If you have something to say, the chances are that there is someone out there who wants to read it.  Now to complete the most important task – begin writing!