Online Opportunities for Beginning Writers

If you have the desire to write, the skills to create a great piece and something to say, there are opportunities to get your work published.  The internet is the best way to get your writing in front of a potentially massive audience.  Here are a few places to look if you would like to take the next step and get your name and your writing accessible to a new pool of readers.

Client-to-Talent websites.  There are sites that exist to connect clients with freelance workers, and there are thousands of jobs for writers and editors.  Whether your preferred genre is writing blog posts, articles, creative writing, or any other area – there are jobs waiting for you, made safe and secure by the third party website.  Try joining sites such as Upwork, Elance or Freelancer for job postings and start earning cash for your writing.

Task-based websites.  Don’t rule out sites like Craigslist – businesses who need writing services often don’t know where to turn, and they often post on sites like this on a regular basis.  Log on, browse what is on offer and make sure you’re prepared to show them what you can do.  Having a portfolio or examples of writing on hand will help you secure these types of jobs, and give your clients confidence that you can produce the kind of work they are looking for.

Online competitions.  Creative writing in particular will often feature competitions that encourage you to enter your work to have it judged by either a panel or the public.  Rewards for winning can be impressive, but be aware that some sites will ask for a non-refundable entry fee.  Do you believe in your writing enough to back it?

Your own blog.  Creating traffic to a blog can be a long, slow process (believe me I know!) – but if you stick with it, the results are rewarding, and it’s all yours!  Basic tips are to specialise as much as possible to set you apart from other writers, post regular content, and to look into affiliate links and advertising to begin to monetize your site.

Favorite websites.  If you like to read a website’s content, perhaps you might also like to create it?  You might be surprised how many websites will accept submissions, whether in return for payment or simply to get your writing in front of their audience.  Even unpaid submissions could still result in an attractive link to your published writing that you can show to other prospective clients.

Getting your work published can sometimes be a slow process.  However, the more links and examples you can provide to an employer, the quicker you build your credibility.  You might need to accept some less attractive work before focussing on your preferred area.  Use that time to hone your skills so that you can apply them for your own purposes later on.

Most of all – be brave, and start making submissions.  It costs nothing to begin except some of your time, and you really might be surprised at how many opportunities are around to get your writing in front of an audience.  Good luck!