Becoming a writer is easier than you think!

If writing is something you love doing, then you should definitely give it a shot.  There are so many aspiring writers who never get around to doing anything with their passion and talent.  Don’t let yourself fall into that trap – you can start writing today!

Set realistic goals.  What are your writing goals?  Would you like to write as a hobby or as a full-time paid profession?  Would you like to write articles, novels, or something else?  No matter where you would like to end up, make your initial goals realistic.  You are unlikely to earn a full-time wage immediately – how will you fit writing into your current life?  Small steps are better than not moving forward, so come up with some solid ideas on how you will start your journey.

Write what’s in front of you.  The best writing that you can produce will come out of things that you are interested in and feel passionate about.  However, if you get a chance to write something that isn’t particularly enjoyable you don’t necessarily have to turn it down.  Just remember to keep writing on topics that you like and in your preferred style in your own time.

Find your audience.  Knowing who you expect to read your writing will let you tailor to that audience and decide where you will publish the writing you produce.  Find places that publish similar things – if you write children’s books, get in contact with the publishers of your favorite books.  If you prefer to write opinion pieces, look for places that might publish articles in a similar style to yours.

Use the internet.  The internet is your gateway to becoming a successful writer.  Start by browsing the thousands of articles on improving your writing (i.e. follow us on facebook and subscribe to our newsletter), then move on to specific advice on how to publish the kind of writing you want to produce. 

Get feedback.  Social media is also a great place to test the waters – see what kind of pieces your friends and family respond to, and use the comment section on your articles to interact with strangers.  There are also many websites that will pay you to write – when you’re ready, forward some pieces on for consideration and see where it takes you!

Allow room for growth.  Remember that writing successfully is a process, and success is different for everybody.  Your persistence can have unintended benefits.  For example, some writing jobs want to see that you can consistently produce and publish work on a regular basis – the number of subscribers you have won’t necessarily matter.  Some pieces you will love, and some you might not like.  Practicing is always more important than the product – keep going!

To become a good writer, all you really need is something to say and the desire to say it – everything else can be learned with dedication and practice.  If you are considering writing as a career or hobby, the most important thing you can do is get started.  You never know where your writing might take you!